About Us

Your Wall Art is the leading wallpaper mural supplier in Australia. Our Expertise for custom wallpaper was established by our vast experience as one of the largest player in the large format printing industry. Your Wall Art wallpaper arts, textures, murals, prints and patterns are 100% customised by our highly valued customers and all custom-built in NSW, Goulburn factory. We arrange, print, pack & deliver your wallpaper arts within 3-5 business days from the date you place your order and we just don’t rely on subcontracting that’s why we make sure to deliver your orders always on time.

Our strategic partnership at HP helps us to bring our quality to the next level, that’s why we only use HP printers (HP 360 Latex) and HP inks. Our content source partners at HP, Fotolia and Patterns, provide unlimited access to wide variety of content sources by up to 28 million high resolution images, which you can use to create your own wallpaper art through our interactive website by selecting any kind of image, vector, design or own decal by uploading your content or design from your computer. Our vast experience and passion for printing enables us to stand out from our competitors by providing customers the highest quality wallpaper arts.

HP Latex inks meet a range
Of Stringent human
Health criteria.

Certified to standards for
Low chemical Emissions
Into indoor air.